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Forum Thread: Magnum Trt These Hoax Elsewhere To

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Forum Thread: Create Ghost Mannequin in Photoshop

Fotosolution team will show all you how to create ghost mannequin in Photoshop. Your job will become easier with basic steps. The ghost mannequin - invisible mannequin technique is used to make it look like an invisible model was wearing a garment during a photo shoot. Watch this video tutorial and learn how to create or build invisible mannequin in Photoshop.

Forum Thread: Is the new Flickr?

I just discovered In fact, an hour after hearing an interview with one of the founders, I had a site up and 50+ pictures uploaded. I always thought Flickr was too ugly and filled with too much thoughtless card dumps from family parties and just couldn't get into it. is for photographers--really beautiful interface and design, as easy as it can get to navigate, upload and share. Anyone else try it out yet? I think they are adding 1000+ photographers a day!

Forum Thread: Get Unfocused!

Anyone else out there in love with out of focus images? Haven't tried it? Here's a suggestion: the 4th is coming up pretty soon. Start planning on how to get dreamy, out of focus fireworks pictures. Pin them to the Lights Camera Photoshop Corkboard. The sky's the limit!

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