Hipstamatic: Do or Don't?

Hipstamatic! Don't have an iPhone. I'd love to see a straight shot and then a Hisptamatic shot from someone! Should I cross over to the i side?

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3 Responses

I can post some side-by-side comparison shots tomorrow, but you should cross over to the iPhone for more reasons than the Hipstamatic. There are so many amazing apps for shooting video and still. I'm going on a trip to Bali soon, and I'm considering just using the iPhone for all photography while I'm there.

I don't really get the obsession with the Hisptamatic app but the iPhone is amazing in general so yes you should switch over.

Actually I think Instagram is now more popular than Hipstamatic (in terms of numbers).. tho I could be wrong. I played around with Instagram this weekend and enjoyed... But basically you just get that '70s saturation and fuzziness. Retro.

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