Forum Thread: How to Layer Mask in Photoshop (Lesson 29)

In this video, I explained How to layer mask in Photoshop (Lesson 29). I showed why to use a photoshop layer mask, how to create photoshop layer masks, how to paint with black color to mask or white color to reveal or unhide the layer mask in Photoshop. In this Photoshop masking tutorial, I also showed the different keyboard shortcuts to enable or disable layer masks, swap foreground and background colors and for some other stuffs. For an example I used photoshop layer masks to blend 2 images into one seamlessly. In that case, I also showed how to apply multiple photoshop layer masks in a single layer. Finally, I showed how to adjust Feather and density of a layer mask.

Photoshop Tools used in this lesson:
Eraser tool,
Brush tool,
Gradient tool.

In short, Layer masking in Photoshop is done to keep our changes in a layer mask so that we can make more changes later if necessary.

This lesson, How to layer mask in Photoshop (Lesson29) is in 2 versions as always. You can either watch the English or the Bangla version.

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