Forum Thread: How to Create Your Own Brush and Import or Load New Brushes in Photoshop (Lesson 25)

In this video, I have discussed how to create your own brush and import or load new brushes in Photoshop (Lesson 25).

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About the tutorial series:

This is my first video tutorial series on YouTube. I have prepared both Bengali and English versions for the viewers. In this tutorial series, I have discussed starting from the very basics of Photoshop all the way to the advance level tutorials.

This tutorial series is divided into 7 different chapters. Those are:
Chapter-1: Fundamentals of Photoshop
Chapter-2: Different selection tools and their use
Chapter-3: Working with texts in Photoshop
Chapter-4: Use of different photo correction tools
Chapter-5: Image Adjustments
Chapter-6: Filter effects
Chapter-7: Advanced projects and commands

These tutorials are for everyone. So if you are a beginner then you can start from today. If you follow all these lessons and understand everything and practice them well then you will be able to do professional works. So, best of luck.

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English Subtitle:

Hello viewers! I am Rakib. In the previous lesson, I have discussed about the brush tool and changing it's different properties and in this lesson, you will see how we can create our own brushes and how we can load or import different brushes that are downloaded from online. So let's create our own brush first. So this is the cup that I want to make a brush using it. So in this case, you have to make a selection around this object. I have already created clipping path around this object so I can make a selection. If you don't know how to create clipping path then you can watch my Pen tool lesson. When you have completed our clipping path we can press Ctrl + Enter from our keyboard and we have to Go to: Edit/Define brush preset and we can enter a name and click OK so we are done. Here is the brush that we have created and we can pick a color and apply it like this and also all the properties of the brush panel; these are also applicable into this brush. We can select color dynamics and pick 2 different colors and now we can spray and we will get different colors. So that's how you can create your own brush and use it. Now let's see how we can import or load different brushes in Photoshop. This is the brush pack that I have downloaded from online. I will put a link in the description box from where you can download one thousand brushes for free. So to load it into the Photoshop, we will select the brush tool from here, click here, and click here and we will go to: Load brushes and we will locate the file directory and select the file and click load and the brushes will be loaded. So this is one way and there is another way to do it. You can copy the file and go to the directory in which you have installed the Photoshop. Probably it's the C drive and if you are using 64 bit then Program files/Adobe/Adobe Photoshop/ and Presets/brushes. We can paste it here. Continue. If you go to the Photoshop and you will not see it here. You need to restart the Photoshop. Now you can see it here. Let's reset brushes and select it, OK. So these are the brushes. So in this way, you can import your brushes into the Photoshop. So thanks for watching and hope to see you in the next lesson.

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